As an ex-student, you bring our College values to life in all of the ways you contribute to the world.

...a global community of women...

The PLC Sydney Ex-Students work to build a sense of community and continuity, all of which will foster pride in our school well into the future.

The Ex-Students’ Office is located on the school grounds in Croydon and is the key point of contact for all ex-students. 

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The Ex-Students’ Office connects ex-students around the world and across the decades to each other and to the College.

Our History

For over 132 years, PLC Sydney has provided young women with exceptional education, extending each girl and encouraging her to become the best she can be.

When PLC Sydney opened its doors for the first time in 1888, the entire school consisted of 39 girls, 21 of which were boarders. Today we have almost 1500 students, aged from 4 to Year 12.  Ours was the first school in NSW to be established by the Presbyterian Church. 

Our students form lifelong connections based upon a long history of traditions that value genuine respect, curiosity, courage and service. 

The ESU has a strong history of charitable support. We are proud to support prizes for academic and citizenship achievements, the ESU Scholarship supporting relatives of ex-students in their final 2 years at the College, donations to the College that support the upgrade and development of new buildings, as well as numerous ESU community events, to name a few. 

Working to support and promote our ex-students and the College, we aim to build a lifelong connection between the two. We are your College and your community. 

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Contact the Director of Alumni Relations

Philippa Zingales (Harris, 1998)
Director of Alumni Relations
T: +612 9704 5635