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Founded in 1906,  the Ex-Students’ Union (ESU) was originally formed by a dedicated group of alumni to raise funds for the building of the Marden Library, in honour of our first Principal Dr John Marden.

Today, the ESU is known as the PLC Sydney Ex-Students and works in partnership with the College. 

The Ex-Students’ Committee is a volunteer group of ex-students representing almost every decade of the College's history.  The Committee provides advice and counsel and financial support, to create opportunities to engage ex-students with the school, fellow classmates, and the extended PLC Sydney community.

The Ex-Students’ Committee is governed by its Constitution and meet twice a term on Tuesday evenings.

Hear from our Ex-Student President

2023 Committee

Ex-students who are paid members are eligible to join the committee and to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

  • Mia Joseph (Ilias, 2009)

  • Edwina Hobson (2015)

  • Elizabeth Gregory (Cornish, 1961)

  • Johanne Stapelfeldt (1978)

  • Marina Clark (Lvoff, 1978)

    Committee Member
  • Sara Keli (Thorp, 2001)

    Committee Member
  • Hannah Kesby (2009)

    Committee Member
  • Robyn McBride (Hailey, 1976)

    Committee Member
  • Ann McDonald (1965)

    Committee Member
  • Lesley Meldrum (Morgan, 1955)

    Committee Member
  • Philippa Zingales (Harris, 1998)

    Committee Member

Giving Back

The ESU has a strong history of charitable support and giving back to the school.

We are proud to support:

  • Speech Day: four prizes for academic and citizenship achievements
  • The ESU Scholarship supporting relatives of ex-students in their final 2 years at the College
  • Donations to the College that support the upgrade and development of new buildings, facilities and infrastructure eg Junior School, Hamilton 
  • Prizes supporting various facilities and programs within the College
  • Numerous community events

For more information about the ESU Scholarship and how to apply:

2023 ESU Scholarship Applications Opening Soon

We have a dedicated group of interstate ESU Ex-Students. It's a great way to connect with alumnae in your local area.

Interstate Representatives

Lifetime Membership

Our ex-student community will be stronger with your participation and support.

Paid membership to the PLC Sydney Ex-Students’ Union is open to any student who attended the College.

The one-time $200 membership fee goes toward supporting all ex-student activities and is a small investment to maintain your continued connection to PLC Sydney.  Paid membership allows ex-students to join the Ex-Students’ Committee, hold executive positions and to vote at the Annual General Meeting. 

Students who enrol at the College from 2017 onwards automatically become members upon graduation from the College, as their lifetime membership fee is included in the enrolment agreement fee.

If you would like to confirm your membership or join as a member, please contact the Ex-Students’ Office. 

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