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Ex-Students' Union Scholarship

2025 ESU scholarship applications now open

The PLC Sydney Ex-Students’ Union (ESU) offers a two-year partial scholarship to the value of $5,000.00 per annum, deducted from the tuition fees, for a girl entering Year 11 at PLC Sydney.

The scholarship will be awarded to a girl with an ex-student family connection (e.g. daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter or niece of an ex-student (not a sibling or cousin), who shows a high level of personal development and confidence in all areas of school life, including contribution to the school. The criteria to be considered equally, after school contribution and ex-student family connection are:

  • Music/cultural involvement
  • Sporting involvement
  • Academic achievement and effort
  • General "school spirit"

Scholarship Requirements

The successful recipient of the scholarship will be required to attend and participate in various events during the term of the scholarship including Jersey Day and to act as an ambassador of both PLC Sydney and the Ex-Students' Union.

Important Dates

  • 2025 Scholarships: ESU Scholarship applications are now open
  • Closing Date for Applications: Friday 26 July at 4.00 pm.
  • Term 3: Students to be contacted for interviews
  • End of Term 3: Scholarship will be awarded and the successful applicant will be notified by mail.

When considering a girl for this scholarship, her application will be considered in the following order.

The girl:

  1. Is entering Year 11 at PLC Sydney either as a continuing student or a new student to the College. The scholarship is tenable for 2 years only.
  2. Must have an ex-student family connection. Preference will be given to students whose mother, grandmother, great-grandmother or aunt attended the College.
  3. Shows a high level of contribution and commitment to the school
  4. Needs to demonstrate that she has been involved and committed in one or more of the following areas:
  • The Arts
  • Sport
  • Academic achievement and effort (She will be required to attach a copy of her Year 9 final report and Year 10 half yearly report with her application)

The application should be written in the girl’s own handwriting or submitted via the online form.

All applicants meeting the ex-student family connection criteria will be interviewed by members of the scholarship selection panel in Term 3.

  1. These SCHOLARSHIP TERMS AND CONDITIONS are to be read in conjunction with the CRITERIA OR SELECTION.
  2. If there are no applicants deemed to meet the CRITERIA FOR SELECTION, the Ex-Students’ Union reserves the right not to award a scholarship that year.
  3. The number of scholarships awarded by the ESU Committee each year will vary at the discretion of the ESU Committee.
  4. The ESU Scholarship is awarded based on an applicant's written application and supporting documentation and an interview with the Scholarship Selection Panel (see Terms and Conditions, Clause 9).
  5. The successful recipient of the scholarship will be required to attend and participate in various events during the term of the scholarship, as reasonably required. Events and commitments may include, attending Jersey Day, acting as an ambassador of both PLC Sydney and the Ex-Students' Union, and/or submitting a profile about themselves for publication.
  6. The ESU Committee reserves the right to review a scholar’s commitment to their role as an ambassador for the ESU at any time and withdraw scholarships offered in circumstances where the terms of the scholarship have not been met.
  7. The scholarship recipient is not precluded from applying for another scholarship offered by the College. If the scholarship recipient already holds another scholarship/s within the College, she is eligible to apply for the ESU Scholarship.
  8. The ESU Scholarship is specifically to be for tuition fees.
  9. The composition of the Scholarship Selection Panel is at the discretion of the ESU Committee. It may be comprised of members of the PLC Sydney Ex-Students’ Union Committee and/or other ex-students, who work in consultation with the Principal.
  10. There are no fees incurred for applicants who submit an application for the ESU Scholarship.
  11. Applicants are permitted to submit only one application for the ESU Scholarship.
  12. All applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their scholarship application.
  13. The Scholarship Selection Panel, the ESU and the College reserve the right to not provide feedback about the outcome of an unsuccessful Scholarship application. The decisions of the Scholarship Selection Panel and the ESU Committee are final.

How to Apply

To apply for the 2025 ESU Scholarship, applicants may apply online. Please submit the form along with all the supporting documentation.


Should you require any further information please contact:

Mia Joseph (Ilias, 2009)
Ex-Students’ Union President