Mia Joseph (Ilias)

We are pleased to announce that Mia Joseph (Ilias, 2009) has been appointed President of the Ex-Students' Union, as voted at the 113th/114th Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 13 March 2021.

Mia Joseph (Ilias, 2009) began at PLC Sydney in Kindergarten in 1997 and attended the College right through to complete Year 12, serving as School Captain in 2009.

With a professional background in law and management consulting, Mia currently works at a strategic communications firm in a government and advocacy role. Last year Mia and her husband Phillip welcomed their son Hugo.

The ESU Committee is a volunteer group that provides advice and counsel to the College, working closely with the Director of Alumni Relations to create new opportunities to re-engage ex-students with the school, fellow classmates and the extended PLC Sydney community.

Mia is pleased to share this message below to the College community and our soon to be graduates, the Class of 2021:

"As one of the youngest Presidents in the Ex-Students' Union's 116-year history, it is my duty to encourage all generations of ex-students to maintain their connection to the College and ensure our events are meaningful and valuable for all ages.

Perhaps it is cliché, but PLC Sydney has genuinely always been my second home. I relish every opportunity to return to the school, and my new role is an even greater motivation for me. I joined the ESU Committee as soon as I completed my studies. Many students do not quickly return to their schools upon leaving, but I have a deep commitment to the College and a sense of duty I have to give back to a school that gave me so much - I hope to encourage this in all ex-students.

A special thank you to our outgoing President, Marina Clark (Lvoff, 1978), for her commitment to the ESU and her steadfast leadership during the turbulence of 2020. She was instrumental in driving the new ESU Constitution, which has given the ESU a clear mandate for the years ahead. I look forward to working closely with Dr Burgis and the College Council, as well as the ESU Committee and Director of Alumni Relations, Philippa Zingales (Harris, 1998), to refresh our branding, website and events to ensure all ex-students can easily engage with the College and connect with each other.

Please feel free to email me directly to share your suggestions and feedback. Only through hearing from ex-students can we continue to improve and deliver activities and opportunities that support our ex-student community’s strength and connectedness."

Mia Joseph (Ilias, 2009)

Ex-Students' President


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