Libby Owen Edmunds

Libby Owen Edmunds

"Every now and then you hear a story that really touches your heart and mind; inspires you to live life to the fullest."

It was an absolute joy to welcome Libby Owen Edmunds (Southwell, 1989) as our 2022 Speech Day keynote speaker.

Libby attended PLC Sydney from 1984-1989 and was Boarders Captain in Year 12.

She shared her story of love, tragedy and adventure with the school community, and her words inspired our graduating Class of 2022 and younger girls alike:

"I want each and every one of you to live a full and happy life. It’s a gift. It’s YOUR gift.

Girls are GREAT. Girls, YOU are great.So go out and grab it…with humility, courage, and passion. And most importantly, with your hearts wide open.

Life, with all its ups and downs, is truly one magnificent adventure."

About Libby

From riding her horse across Mongolia to a pilgrimage in Tibet to cooking for the Queen, Libby has travelled to some amazing places and had some extraordinary experiences. But they are experiences that she may never have had if tragedy hadn’t struck repeatedly.

Libby grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Sydney. In 1984 she came to PLC Sydney as a Year 7 boarder; in 1989 was Boarders Captain.

By 27 she had become one of the youngest Managing Directors of a multimillion-dollar strategic branding agency in Australia. At 30 she embarked on an international adventure living in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Indonesia.

Post the 2004 Tsunami Libby co-founded the charity AdoptSriLanka raising more than $5 million to rebuild the lives of thousands of Sri Lankans. She founded two world-leading Literary Festival in Sri Lanka and Pakistan and is the author of the best-selling autobiography Monsoon Rains and Icicle Drops.

For the past 15 years, Libby has been helping the world’s poor countries on issues such as women’s equality, youth unemployment and climate. She is currently on a mission to ensure a more sustainable and resilient world.

Libby Owen Edmunds (Southwell, 1989)

Here Click here to read Libby’s inspirational speech from PLC Sydney Speech Day 2022.

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