One of Australia's top PR experts for fashion and lifestyle brands, Sally shares how starting her own agency 14 years ago, has lead to greater success than she ever imagined.

Sally Brown

One of Australia's top PR experts for fashion and lifestyle brands, Sally shares how starting her own agency 14 years ago, has lead to greater success than she ever imagined.

If we look back at your time at school, when did you attend PLC Sydney and what did you plan to do after school?

I started PLC in year six and finished year 12 in 1997. I was unsure about what I wanted to do after school; however, I knew I had an interest in the fashion industry.

Please briefly tell us what you did after finishing school?

As I was unsure what I wanted to do, I went to June Dally Watkins and did a Business Course and then from there I went to FBI Fashion College. It was from there I got my foot in the door into the PR industry. I knew from my first work experience placement PR was for me and exactly what I wanted to do and where I was supposed to be. I worked both locally and internationally, and 14 years ago opened my own agency.

What does a typical 'work' day look like for you?

No day is ever the same; running a busy PR agency is always exciting and fast-paced. I like to meditate every morning to start the day clear-headed, fresh and motivated. I then make myself a fresh celery juice, I get to the office and have hot water with lemon and then grab myself a LARGE coffee.

I run a PR agency called Tailor Maid Communications (TMC) with eight staff and 20 clients who span across the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. So, it’s a mixture of managing all the elements to having successful, happy and long standing clients. In PR, that means never taking your finger off the pulse and making sure we don’t miss any opportunities for our clients. I always try to get out during my lunch break for some sort of exercise to ensure a productive afternoon.

Could you tell us about a mistake you have made and what did you learn from that mistake?

Speaking too soon in a meeting rather than listening first. I think it is much better to take in the information provided and come back with an informed reply.

What's the most significant piece of advice you've received and who shared it with you?

“If you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life” and “leave every situation with your head held high”. My mum gave me both pieces of advice, and they have served me throughout my entire life.

What has been the proudest moment in your life so far?

I would say starting my agency Tailor Maid over 14 years ago and watching its exponential growth; I would never have dreamed of running a business and making it the success it is today.

Most recently our business was bought out and acquired by a successful advertising and creative agency, that was a real pinch-me moment also, this has meant even further growth for my business, the sky's the limit!

If you could travel back in time, what would you say to your younger self at the age of 20 or 30?

Not to compare my life to others and to focus and stay in my lane. Don’t panic as life figures itself out exactly as it is meant to be.

What tools (apps, books, podcasts, etc.) or activities do you go to for inspiration/ideas/productivity/balance?

I have practised Transcendental Meditation for the last 12 years, which I do daily and regular exercise (I do a mix of pilates and running). I am continually researching and looking at the international market to see what other brands are doing and doing well. Google is my best friend. Also, I love a mood board on Pinterest.

What role has your time at PLC Sydney played in your life?

I am so lucky to call all my school friends, my best friends today. We have all remained in each other’s lives through good times and bad. It is my PLC friends that have helped shape the person I am today, with their constant advice, support and love throughout the years. Without my girls, I wouldn’t be half the women I am today.

Please share some of your most vivid, favourite or amusing memories from school.

I dressed up as a bear for House Choir Night. My bear head covered my eyes, and I couldn’t see anything for the majority of the performance. I thought I was dancing, facing the audience... Unfortunately, I had my back to the audience for the most part and nearly fell into the choir! At least I kept going and did my best; it caused a lot of laughs!

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